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I only recently discovered this website through some YouTube videos.   This company is based in Sweden and they have the most beautiful papers!  Just click on their logo and go check them out – they are doing a wonderful giveaway.

Let’s go create,  Bonnie


Good old fashioned fun!

Hi friends,

We had another wonderful scrapbook retreat this year!  Got to spend time with old friends and family and made several new friends.  I even did a little creating.  I think I made the fewest pages of anybody because I am such a ‘chatty-cathy’ to quote my little sister.  It’s ok, because for me that is half the fun.  🙂

On  Friday night, I taught an Easel Card Class.  About 2/3 of the girls had signed up for it.  I felt like I was going to hyperventilate for the first few minutes but, after I got going and got into my ‘groove’ I calmed down and had fun.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the class – unless people were lying to me…teehee  It is so fun to see all the different styles & designs they did.  A couple of ladies even displayed their creations for the “Best Page” contest – gotta say that makes a girl feel good!

Here are some of our pictures – I just love these ladies 🙂

I am really really really excited to show you what I created!  I made a Butterfly Mini Album using the Pink Paislee Butterfly Garden paper collection.  This album is full of pictures from my in-laws 50th Anniversary Party.  And it is for me 🙂  That’s right, I’m keeping this one. 

Let’s go create, Bonnie 🙂

Happy Celebrations

Hello – I’ve got some fun stuff to share today… hope you’ve got some time because this is a long one 🙂

We’ve had a very busy summer with family celebrations.  My husband & I celebrated our 25th Anniversary – amazing how the time flies & he still makes my heart go pitter-pat!  Also, my husband’s parents celebrated their 50th and his sister/hubby celebrated their 30th.  We’ve had two parties so far & another one coming up this weekend.  Fun trivia time…between my husband’s parents, three siblings & us – we have 148 yrs of marriage this year – very cool, right?!?

Since my in-laws only wanted a small, immediate family party – we took them to a condo, in a little mountain town, and spent the long Labor Day weekend together!   My sis-in-law came up with a brilliant idea to send out invitations, to all of their friends & family, asking for anniversary cards & then surprise them at their party and I must say it was a fabulous success!  Then she had another brilliant idea – go Cindy :-)…she found an unaltered wooden trunk & asked if I would like to help her decorate/embellish it to hold all the cards.  It didn’t take much arm-twisting….surprise, surprise.  We had to do this on the ‘down-low’ so, my MIL didn’t catch on but, that was half the fun too!  The trunk was a huge success and it was filled with 50+ cards from their friends & family.  My in-laws were truly touched by this awesome display of love & I think my MIL read each card at least 3x over the weekend of our family party.  I gotta say:  Keeping surprises from a family this close is darn near impossible but, we managed to keep one & only one!  The final surprise – we ‘kids’ sent them up in a hot air balloon – something my MIL has dreamed about for as long as I’ve known her… 

I did a lot of creating for these special occasions…If you’re anything like me – I have a tendency to ‘psyche’ myself out wanting it to be just perfect & then I can’t create anything…really wish I’d quit that!  But, I did manage to get both of their mini albums done in time….whew!  Here are my projects and some of the highlights from our family weekend 🙂

Let’s go create, Bonnie 🙂

50th Anniversary – Easel Card

Hi,  My in-laws are celebrating their 50th Anniversary today!  🙂 Earlier my father-in-law asked if I would make a special card for his honey.  I used the Easel Card idea, again, yes I am totally hooked on these cards.  I used the G45/Le Romantique paper collection and lots of pretty embellishments.  Let’s go create, Bonnie

If you would like to see a video:  http://www.youtube.com/user/scrapnsmile?feature=mhee


Hi,  I have been a first generation Camaro lover since I was a little girl.  Last weekend my husband & I went to a small town car show.  Some friends own and show an old Model A and you guessed it Camaros too.  They actually have three right now – one convertible that they didn’t bring to the show this time and then a 68 Camaro RS that is a gorgeous Pearl White with black vinyl top & black hood stripe then there was this 69 Camaro SS and yay!  I got to go for a ride in it!  Can you see the drool???  Enjoy the ride, Bonnie 🙂

A little summer fun!

Just a few pictures of a wonderful camping trip we took last weekend in the beautiful Colorado mountains 🙂

Easel Card

I made this little Easel Card for a graduation – our friend is a trumpet player & played in the Jazz band all through high school so, I made this to fit her colors & style.  I had a blast making this card!  I’m actually going to teach how to make these at an annual scrapbook retreat in October.  There are several tutorials on YouTube but, my favorite is by Roses915.

Thanks for stopping by,  Bonnie